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Vernon Hills, IL 60061
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  William 01/27/2017
Service is always first class.
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Can't beat that! Bill
  Tom 01/26/2017
Hello, Just a quick shout out to Chris and the team for the help you provided me and my wife this last week when she accidentally locked herself out of the car (while it was running), and no spare key. Chris took the call, and like a true professional found someone to help us in our time of need. He also called back to find out if the locksmith he found was able to help, and if not he and the team brainstormed more ideas. This is true customer service. Did I mention Star Auto Authority did not make one penny off this. It was done solely to help a customer in need. If that is not customer service, I do not know how else to describe it. Thank you.......ALL
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We are always here to help! Bill
  Gary 01/26/2017
  Lewis 01/26/2017
Excellent service in time of need.
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Anytime Lewis! Bill
  Janice 01/26/2017
Had a my car repairs done at Star Auto Authority and the work done on my car was excellent! So satisfied with this wonderful mechanical and body shop.
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That says it all! Thank you. Bill
  Randall 01/26/2017
What a great place. Wish I would have started going there years ago.
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Glad you are with us now! Bill
  Mark 01/19/2017
  Joe 01/19/2017
Clean, professional, great place to do business with!
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  Bruce 01/12/2017
I've used Star Auto Authority several times and have been happy with their service every time. And they provide a loaner as well. As good as any dealer I've ever used.
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Sounds good Bruce! Bill
  Lynne 01/12/2017
Have had my cars serviced here for many years. Star really looks after my car and always gives me a heads up on what will be needed in the near future. They even send me all the documentation for rebates that I earned.
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Happy to help Lyn! Bill
  Jenni 01/05/2017
I have always had a great experience with Star Auto. They have never tried to upsell me on unnecessary service and had regular conversations with me about upcoming service so I can budget for larger maintenance on my vehicle. Trustworthy and honest, I will always recommend Star Auto!
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Thank you Jenni! Bill
  Chloe 12/30/2016
  Marzena 12/30/2016
Excellent service. I used Star Auto Authority to replace my flat tire. They provided me a ride to work and then loaned me a complimentary car as additional work was required on the car. I liked that they ran a full diagnostic test of the car and let me know what needed to be addressed immediately and what could wait. I worked with Chris and he was very professional and helpful. Overall, I felt as my car was well taken care off. I will definitely come back!
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Music to out ears. Bill
  Dawn 12/29/2016
  Gretchen 12/29/2016
We bought a new car last year and have 24 months of "free" service at the dealership. No complaints with the dealer, but we will go back to Star as soon as that 24 months is up. Star has been my go-to car maintenance place for high quality work since they opened. Their level of professionalism is unsurpassed.
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Ready when you are. Bill
  Winston 12/29/2016
This is my first experience with Star Auto to install Goodyear tires purchased online. I would say that this auto shop is exceptionally good! The workshop is kept topnotch clean and everyone is very professional and friendly. After first day on the new tire, I notice one of the front tires had slow leak which gets warning from TPMS. So I brought in the van for check-up. The dealership provided a loaner car to me so I won't miss my work. And they contacted Goodyear and provide a free replacement for the tire. The entire experience had been very positive and I definitely will recommend them.
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We are here for you Winston. Bill
  Keith 12/29/2016
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Anytime Keith. Bill
  Alice 12/22/2016
I have been a customer for many years. Star Auto Authority is a very honest company. Customer reps are the best! Top mechanical work.
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Our pleasure Alice. Bill
  Tony 12/22/2016
As always, great service! Most appreciated!
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Thank you Tony. Bill
  Philip 12/19/2016
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